Security & Emergency Services

Northern Lights Security is now proud to offer The Alberta Basic Security Guard Training Course by Certified training instructors, Please contact us to book your seat in our upcoming class.

Site Security

Private security guards have become increasingly important in our society, and the security industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. Security guards protect an employer's investment, enforce rules and laws on the property, deter criminal activity or other problems, and many times are the First Responders in emergency situations. If your company is in need of security guard services, Northern Lights Security Ltd. has qualified guards capable of meeting your security needs. Whether its commercial, site or industrial security or securing a pipeline, we can find a solution that is right for you.

Mobile Security

A Mobile Patrol guard’s main function is to act as a deterrent against potential thieves or vandals on the premises being patrolled. Our trained patrol guards are vigilant and reliable, patrolling your business in marked vehicles and inspecting your property as often as your needs dictate. Mobile guards will inspect building & fence perimeters, office areas, common areas, and doors and windows of businesses. This service is offered 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Our experienced mobile drivers operate reliable patrol vehicles that are all equipped with the appropriate emergency and communication equipment. needs.

Search & Rescue

When time is essential and the clock is working against you, successfully locating someone missing is critical. Northern Lights Security has many years of experience developing and implementing various rescue plans throughout the province. Whether it is simply someone who has gone missing or an accident in a remote location, our team of trained personnel is ready to respond. Having participated in various search in rescue missions over the past few years, Northern Lights Security and our top K9 units and professional response teams are always ready whenever an emergency rescue is required.

Speed Control

If you currently are having problems with road traffic speed on your private roadways, Northern Lights Security may be your solution. Our mobile units are equipped with radar enforcement equipment and highly qualified individuals capable of monitoring traffic conditions and enforcing road speed limits. Equipped with the latest in speed enforcement equipment, Northern Lights Security can create safe roads by monitoring and reporting traffic conditions.

Event Security

Are you planning an event where security services are required? Northern Lights Security can provide you with trained visible guards that will ensure any private or public event goes as planned. Our guards are first aid trained and are capable of responding to any emergency in addition to controlling authorized / unauthorized access to your private / public event.